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We develop AI solutions using state of the art technology and team of experienced professionals so you have a great solution with short time to market!

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What we do

Data Analysis

We perform BI and prediction tasks for your organization to optimize your business decisions today. We know how to integrate to your systems or get a snapshot of the data to provide meaningful business insights in no time.

AI Solutions

AI is the forth technological revolution. We have a team of PhD and McS in Math, CS and Physics. We solve Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Financial predictions, and Chatbots fast and accurate.

Machine learning

You heard about machine learning? We develop great solutions for your business based on your data! Classification of your clients, patter analysis in your sales or prediction of your next business decision;
with the right data we can do it all - fast.

Web development

Show, don't tell. Every product manager, designer or user know that good ideas must have good presentation. We develop state of the art websites. From concept thought design and up to development - giving your business and algorithms place to shine.
P.s. It can fit into your tight deadline, we master the art of handling tight deadlines...

Mathematical modeling

Math - right? So we actually really like it and enjoying converting your complex problem to elegant and simple math. Don't worry, we solve our models so you can enjoy both the results without the math.
What math your probably ask - we model and solve PDE\ODE systems, graph theory, numerical analysis optimization.

Cloud computing optimization

Welcome to the new era of computing - the cloud!
You probably notice it is costly to compute on the cloud. But it doesn't have to be like this! Let us making your cloud cost effective without affecting your application performance...

Check out how much your project costs!

AI is a complex business, don't stay in the dark!
Find out how much on average projects like yours cost...

For the community

Our Open Source Projects

python class generator

Python Class Generation

An easy and fast way to develop your Object Oriented Python3 project using this meta-class generator. Reduce the time you west on writing the same technical code and focus on the logics itself!

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python super logger

Python Super Logger

Logger, so basic but so useful. We at DnC-algo notice that the basic python's logger and other packages do not have a basic function we as AI\ML developers need in our loggers... Proud to present our super logger for Python having the functionality each developer needs from his logger nowadays.

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Ransac and brute force signal segment

Signal Auto-Segmentation

You have a small set of vectors and must to find there segments according to your own very smart rule? We got you back! Our segmentation algorithm mixing RanSac and Brute Force search so you will get the best answers - faster.

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Reasons why

Leading companies choose D&C Algo

Dnc - the newest technologies

The newest technology (of course)

The market is full of great solutions for any kind of business. To allow our clients the cutting edge regarding thier technology we use only the latest one.

At the Algorithms level we use Python 3, C# dot net core 3 or c++ 17. Website Backend developed in NodeJS, C# dot net core 3 or Python3 (Flask). We use deep learning sometimes when needed with TensorFlow or sparse-layer NN self developed. Worry about the look? website Frontend development with Angular, React, VanilaJS, HTML5, Bootstrap and more.

* All the code is written in the highest code standards according to the project's language owner recommendation.

Dnc Work process

The fastest work process in the market

We believe in transparency with our clients. Prior to actual work, we will meet, fully understand your needs and provide professional guide even before the project's start.

You will have a dedicated dashboard monitoring all project stages. A project manager will follow you from the signing up to the end of the project.

The best part? it won't take long? as team that came from many years of startups, we know how to develop great solutions - fast!

Dnc Engineering team

The Team

Our team comprises of highly-experienced developers that are capable of performing on most complex levels.

Our team includes professionals from both Israel and Russia - combing the Israeli's developers innovation and Russian's high standard of technology.

Each member on the team has at least a Master's degree and five years experience in his\her profession. Providing the manpower of a small Google's research lab for your project.

The future is here with dnc
The future is here and you?

Our Company

About Us

D&C Algo was founded after years of experience in multiple Israeli startup companies and realizing the growing need for AI professionals in small-medium size companies.

D&C Algo was established to help such companies to perform quality research and development in AI field with a quick time to market.

Our main focus is to develop new and exciting solutions to our clients as fast as possible as we know time is an expensive resource these days.



Teddy Lazebnik

Teddy Lazebnik


Teddy Lazebnik has a Masters degree at applied mathematics, specialized in the field of numerical calculation and process optimization. Nowadays, finishes his doctorate at computer science, specialized in medical nanorobotics modeling. Teddy has 8 years of experience in R&D, 5 of them in algorithm development and project management. He managed 5 different startups’ R&D teams, 3 of them has been acquired.

Katerina Touretski

Katerina Touretski


Katerina Touretski has a Masters degree at marketing, specialized in the field of customer success. Katerina has 9 years of experience in marketing and UI\UX with 4 years of experience in software development from user’s perspective. Katerina specializes in creative production of SaaS systems from scratch to mass production.

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