D&C Algo
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We develop AI solutions using state of the art technology and team of experienced professionals

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What we do

Data Analysis

We perform BI and prediction tasks for your organization to optimize your business decisions today

AI Solutions

You have an idea how AI can assist your challenges? Vision, Conversation, Automation - we will make it happen

Machine learning

We develop and research state of the art machine learning algorithms to solve your most complex problems

Web development

From your local SMB to an enterprise company, our personally crafted solution will satisfy all your web experience needs

Mathematical modeling

We model and solve PDE\ODE systems, graph theory, numerical analysis optimization

Cloud computing optimization

Are you using the cloud? We know how to make it cost effective without affecting your application performance

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Leading companies choose D&C Algo

Dnc - the newest technologies

The newest technologies

From design and architecture, through implementation with highest code standards up to deployment on your cloud or on-premise environment. Algorithms, high-performance backend technologies, deep learning, responsive web design - we have it all.

Dnc Work process

Work process

We believe in transparency with our clients. Prior to actual work, we will meet, fully understand your needs and provide professional guide even before the project's start.

You will have a dedicated dashboard monitoring all project stages. A project manager will follow you from the signing up to production.

Dnc Engineering team

Engineering team

Our team comprises of highly-experienced engineers that are capable of performing on most complex levels.

Our team includes professionals from both Israel and Russia - combing the Israeli's developers innovation and Russian's high standard of technology.

The future is here with dnc
The future is here and you?

Our Company

About Us

D&C Algo was founded after years of experience in multiple Israeli startup companies and realizing the growing need for AI professionals in small-medium size companies.

D&C Algo was established to help such companies to perform quality research and development in AI field with a quick time to market.



Teddy Lazebnik

Teddy Lazebnik


Teddy Lazebnik has a Masters degree at applied mathematics, specialized in the field of numerical calculation and process optimization. Nowadays, finishes his doctorate at computer science, specialized in medical nanorobotics modeling. Teddy has 8 years of experience in R&D, 5 of them in algorithm development and project management. He managed 5 different startups’ R&D teams, 3 of them has been acquired.

Katerina Touretski

Katerina Touretski


Katerina Touretski has a Masters degree at marketing, specialized in the field of customer success. Katerina has 9 years of experience in marketing and UI\UX with 4 years of experience in software development from user’s perspective. Katerina specializes in creative production of SaaS systems from scratch to mass production.

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