The artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in the medical field are bringing revolution. Just like its success in every other field, it creates so much excitement in medical science as well. One may wonder how AI is used in such a complex field as medical science. We have compiled this article just to answer this question and present the exciting news upcoming at 2020. We mainly focus on the technical problems in the medical field that AI tackles. In addition, we shall be discussing the companies that are working on AI within medical science and the upcoming, promesing projects of this technology in 2020.

There are so many technical problems in medical that people used to feel irritated about, but with the advent of AI, these problems are managable then ever before. So, here five common problems in medical which can be resolved with AI.

Arduous Administrative Work

Automation of work that is mostly done by the doctors and nurses means that they spend a lot of their time on this kind of "office" work while there major concern of checking the patients and take care of them getting suspend for a while [1]. As a result, they not be able to give the needed attention to the patients which in its turn may produce unwanted clinical results. With the advent of AI, this has become quite possible for these profesionals to cut down their administrative workload and give more time and energy to patients [4].

Reduce unnecessary Hospital Visits and Appointments

Virtual nurses have become a trend these days. This means that you are not supposed to come to the hospital and get the checkup. You can get these services while staying at home [5]. The virtual nurses can find out your illness and prescribe your prevention in the comfort of your home. Even in the case you are supposed to visit the hospital, you will be able to meet the doctor directly without spending time in the corridors of logistics[1].

Pots-Operation Hospital Stay

Robotic surgeons becoming more common every day. They are used for wild range of activities. An exciting one is robotic surgeons that can do surgery better than human surgeons [4]. They do it in such a fine way that you are not supposed to stay in the hospital for a long time, rather you can get back home immediately after the surgery.

Late Disease Recognition

With AI it is possible to diagnose skin cancer better than doctors and nurses [3]. As diagnosis is a very hard and tricky task, it is a time expensive task for doctors. Discover the right disease that a patient is suffering from, can be chalenging. Don't despair, AI is breaking this problem by helping profesionals in diagnosing diseases at a very early stage [2].

Analysis of Patient Data

Normally, the analysis of data that the doctors and nurses get for their patients is not easy [5]. This is a time consuming operation, which may be irrelevant once it done as a result of the short lifetime of the original medical situation. In such cases, the disease may aggravate [1]. Using machine learning and a lot of historical data, AI can help analyzing new patient data in a very short time.

There are many companies and projects using AI to solve medical problems. We found the following list of projects a representable one for the advantage of the last few years in the field. In addition to that, following them should keep you updated in the SOTA of the field without any additinal effort.

  • Virtual nurse
  • Medication management
  • Digital consultation
  • Healthcare system analysis
  • Health monitoring with gadgets like Fitbit
  • Buoy Health (symptom checker)

In addtion, 2020 is the year when the medical sector blumish and one can see a lot of new medical AI powered solutions. Again, the following list should provide a good global understanding of what is going on.

  • GNS Healthcare
  • Clarify Health Solutions
  • BioXcel Therapeutics
  • Ada Health
  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals
  • Sight Diagnostics
  • AI Medical Service
  • Zebra Medical Vision
  • Potrero Medical
  • Renalytix AI

There are many more projects and we cannot possibly mention all of their names [2]. We tried to pick a highly funded projects under the assumption they have a good chace to get large scale in a relatively short time.

Well, so what we had so far? The AI in medical science is one of the next big thing of the year 2020. Unlike the past years, taking adventage over new data driven algorithm, big data, smarter computer system and etc. We are saving a lot of valuable time for the medical staff allowing them to better serve on their patients. It is safe to claim that companies and project which will not join the data driven medical wolrd will stay behind the rest.


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